Bain Brook Estates II – Telemetry Overlays

One of my favorite programs for making drone videos on the older P2 and P3 was making videos with the telemetry data overlayed.  I used a program called Dashware which wasn’t the greatest program and lacked features but overall did the job.  They were eventually hired (or something) by GoPro so they abandoned the software and made it into freeware (after I paid for a copy).  Unfortunately, the highest resolution video the program could handle was 1080p.

Out of the blue after years of promises, they finally released an updated version that can handle 4K videos.  I decided to give it a test run and after a few times of the software crashing and erroring out, I was finally able to get a complete video.  The final cut is below and it features a new flight in my subdivision, which I have already shot, but I wanted to test the program and didn’t feel like traveling to have to do so.