Bazaar After Dark 2017

A few of the stills that were shot at Bazaar After Dark 2017 in downtown Kaukauna, WI.

Some more information about Bazaar After Dark and their mission and intent:

Bazaar After Dark (a program of Pulse Young Professionals Network) is dedicated to revitalizing and drawing positive attention to underutilized business districts in the Fox Valley while fostering community collaborations through art, music, and common experiences. Pulse Young Professionals Network is partnering with the City of Kaukauna, The Heart of the Valley Chamber of Commerce and Habitat for Humanity to kick off their ‘Rock the Block’ neighborhood build in Kaukauna this spring.

What is Bazaar After Dark?
We’re a welcoming and inclusive, family friendly street market that will transform your once familiar community from dusk into darkness; a weird and wonderful temporary marketplace that will make you smile (and maybe dance) under the dim glow of Edison bulbs. Whether you seek fresh food, live art, firebreathers, body painters, local businesses, live music, Wisconsin makers, or just a casual place to grab a beer with your dog, we’ve got you covered.

I think the city could use a few more events like this as everyone I talked to seen it as postive for the local businesses.

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